Tailoring CFO Services to Your Financial Management Needs

Our depth and breadth of experience offers clients CFO engagements on a part-time, interim, temporary or project basis, depending upon your specific requirements.

Permanent Part-Time arrangements are for a specific number of hours each week. In our experience, CFOs working on a permanent part-time basis devote 4 or more hours a week to the client company.

Our Interim CFO services consist of filling in for a period of 1 to 6 months while the permanent CFO takes a leave of absence, or the client is conducting a search to fill the position.

Time required for Temporary and Project consulting assignments vary based on the client's particular situation.

For Permanent Part-Time assignments of 4 or more hours per week, we have developed our 4-D Methodology, which includes:

  • Discovery to determine finance-related areas of concern to the client
  • Deep Dive to understand the client's business, comprehend and resolve finance-related issues and implement the necessary changes to help the company grow
  • Design and implement an effective strategy.
  • Deliver maximum return from financial assets to promote profitable growth

Our Training & Mentoring services consist of working with members of a company's financial management team to ensure it is operating at peak performance. Training & Mentoring is particularly useful to family-owned companies.

Project-based services performed over time periods of varying lengths include:

  • Developing & Implementing Finance Strategies
  • Improving Cash Flow
  • Establishing Banking Relationships
  • Obtaining Lines of Credit and Term Loans
  • Capital Investment Analysis
  • Acquiring Real Estate
  • Due Diligence for Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Systems Selection & Implementation
  • Staff Training
  • Budget Development
  • International Finance, Vendor Identification & Negotiations
  • Analysis of Sales, Product Costing, Gross Margins & Profitability

If you need experienced finance professionals to be an integral part of your team, look no further than The CFO Factor.

Although finance-related issues are often complex and multifaceted, we work with clients in ways that are straightforward and tailored to their specific needs.
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