Your Permanent Source for Contract CFOs

The CFO Factor provides Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) on a part-time, interim, temporary or project basis in business and professional firms throughout the world.

Ideal for Entrepreneurial Firms

The CFO Factor is designed to be your part-time CFO. Assignments filled by The CFO Factor can be for as little as 4 hours per week. We also fulfill interim, temporary and project CFO responsibilities.

Additionally, the CFO Factor will train or mentor finance and accounting staff, as well as conduct project-specific engagements based on clients’ needs.

The CFO Factor was created to be:

  • A strategic partner of the President or CEO of an organization to participate in the active management of risk and assets

  • A senior member of management that ensures that corporate goals and objectives are being met

  • The senior financial manager with stewardship of:
    • financial reporting (accuracy and timeliness)
    • risk management (evaluate risk and potential for mitigation)
    • operations analysis (efficient and wise use of all resources employed)
    • overall corporate performance to a budget or desired outcomes

  • A temporary resource for the completion of corporate projects that require a higher level of experience and expertise than may be found in-house

Our depth and breadth of experience offers clients CFO engagements on a part-time, interim, temporary or project basis, depending upon your specific requirements.
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Although finance-related issues are often complex and multifaceted, we work with clients in ways that are straightforward and tailored to their specific needs.
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Useful information that can help you strengthen your understanding of corporate finance and CFO staffing.
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Headquartered in the historic Landmarks Building in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The CFO Factor serves many diverse clients on six continents.