Engagement Process

How We Work

Although finance-related issues are often complex and multifaceted, we work with clients in ways that are straightforward and tailored to their specific needs. Our method of operation consists of:

  • Complimentary discovery session of up to 4 hours to learn about your business and the finance-related challenges you face (Permanent Part-Time work of 4 or more hours per week is usually done on a handshake, and temporary assignments of specific duration are spelled out in Letters of Agreement.)
  • Agreement upon terms of engagement
  • Performing of services based upon Letter of Agreement
  • Meetings with client to discuss content of work-in-progress or completed assignments
  • Conclusion of work specified in Letter of Agreement
  • Discussion of future assignments

Because each client has different requirements, the specifics of each step in our method of operation are customized to your needs. The two constants in our dealings with clients, however, are honesty from discovery to project completion, and ongoing communication.

When you trust The CFO Factor to handle your finance-related needs on a permanent part-time, interim, temporary or project basis, there are no surprises!

Our depth and breadth of experience offers clients CFO engagements on a part-time, interim, temporary or project basis, depending upon your specific requirements.
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